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Joint Enterprise Technologies is an information technology company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Founded on April 28, 2008 by Richie Harris and Charles “Chuck” Middleton, their goal was to establish a viable defense-oriented small business to serve both government and private business. Organizations from both the private and the public sector can sometimes perceive that they are not receiving the value they expect from their IT systems. Coupled with the current economic climate, they’re are looking for ways to cut costs and increase the value provided by these systems. This is critical to the success of any public or private entity. Our goal is to help our clients maximize that value through the methodical application of industry best practices and common sense technology solutions.

Corporate Headquarters:

4508 Oak Fair Blvd.

Suite 104

Tampa, FL 33610

Bus.: 813-436-9946

FAX: 813-413-7937


Our values are simple, straight forward, and reflected in our work ethic. Everything we do is done in an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude that we are able and capable of serving our clients in helping them reach their goals. We will strive to do this, at every level of our organization; with character, honesty, and integrity. Where we fall short, we will acknowledge it, correct it, and grow as an organization from it.

Leadership Team

Richie Harris, President

  • United States Air Force, Retired
  • Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems
  • 25+ years’ experience in telecommunications and computer network industry. His experience includes both line and staff positions in telecommunications and network operations, management and engineering with the United States Air Force and L-3 Communications.
  • ITIL Foundations v.3
  • CompTIA Security+

Charles “Chuck” Middleton, Business Development

  • United States Air Force, Retired
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Systems Information Management
  • 25+ years’ experience in Systems Engineering, Systems Integration and Support technologies and Program Management with the United States Air Force, Anteon Corporation, and L-3 Communications.
  • ITIL Foundations v.2
  • CompTIA Security+

Kristen Sykes, Vice President, Human Resources

  • Bachelor of Science, HR Management
  • 17 years of HR experience in various industries, both in corporate and field-level HR roles and with both union and non-union employees. Kristen’s strengths are in the areas of employee relations, compliance, performance management, training & development, recruiting and analysis and implementation of HR systems.
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