Company Listed Among Top Minority-Owned Businesses

TAMPA, FLORIDA — The Tampa Bay Business Journal has published their list of the Top 50 Minority-Owned Businesses, with Joint Enterprise Technologies proudly ranking at #43.  The list is according to 2014 revenue.  The companies on the list are at least 51% minority-owned and headquartered in the Tampa Bay area.  This is JET’s first time on the list, which is published annually.

“I am very proud of Joint Enterprise Technologies and achieving this placement on the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s list,” said JET President Richie Harris.  “There are some very notable names in this ranking and I’m grateful that we have been included.  I’m happy for our team to get this kind of recognition.”

Joint Enterprise Technologies has been providing technology solutions in the Tampa Bay area since 2008, with an emphasis on dedication to customer service.  Owners Richie Harris and Chuck Middleton bring superior integrity and over 50 years of combined experience in the Defense sector of the information technology industry, serving in the military, and now as federal contractors.  JET offers a range of services, providing information technology consulting, products, and services to federal, state, and local governments, as well as small- and medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations.

Being a service-disabled, veteran-owned (and 100% minority-owned) small business (SDVOSB/MBE), Mr. Harris points out that the company proudly supports the Department of Defense and current service members with that same superior integrity.

He added that, “We’re a proud community partner.  Yes, revenue is certainly important and it’s how you get included on a list like this (from TBBJ), but participation in the likes of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, National Defense Industrial Association, Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce, and the Fishhawk chapter of Christian Business Connections are very meaningful in the way Joint Enterprise Technologies is run.”

Mr. Harris also noted that, “There are various ways to contribute to the community, including not withholding knowledge and information just to make a sale.  That’s why we frequently post helpful technology tips and community content on social media.”

What is the Cloud? This is a technology that has greatly influenced today’s modern society. The cloud provides services that creates a highly functional workplace by allowing documents to be shared easily, at the push of a button. This is a user-friendly system in which is easy for almost any operator to use.  The Cloud is a technology that allows services to be available to all users on demand, generally over the Internet, instead of only at an ‘on site’ location, or within the workplace. This provides easy access to all users no matter his or her geographical location. It is designed to provide an easy access to applications, services and resources, and is fully managed by your cloud service provider.

Why Cloud? Cloud computing offers a brilliant, built in protection system that generally has a built-in backup and recovery system. The cloud purchaser should rarely have to spend out of pocket funds for a secondary backup and recovery system. Global access from anywhere in the world is available to users; have a work meeting in a separate country? No problem, the Cloud system follows you and can be accessed wherever you or your employees are. Users have easy access from their desk to any other office space, state or even country for easy use by your employees. The cost! The cloud software helps to reduce the ‘surprise’ effect of what you as a consumer will end up paying for your product. The monthly user fee is affordable and based on the amount of usage accrued through the month.  Updated software availability is generally available at no cost, meaning you get upgrades for free! Lastly, since the cloud requires no hardware or software, the ability to get your program up and running most generally takes a few days compared to a few weeks or months. This means your company will have an up and running program for on the go in little to no time at all!

You chose how you prefer your cloud. Do you want it private or shared? A private version can provide each user with their own individual use of the cloud, while shared leaves room for documents to be shared and each user to easily access one another’s work. Cloud backup is always available with duplicate copies of your data always available if something were to happen. This replicated data is always private and secure. Cloud technologies can be fit specifically to your company’s specific needs, no matter big or small. Whether you need high security or minimal, your information will always be protected and easily accessible to you and other users. Users also have the ability to customize their ‘cloud’ in any way he or she prefers. If you prefer not to use the cloud, ask about other options that may be available to suit your needs.

Are you stuck in a rut with your current IT department or computer guys? Do you only hear from them after the system is already broken or has crashed? This is the most important reason for having a managed IT service to help you make your company run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, with the least amount of stress on you, the business owner. Running a business can be stressful, so there are many other things you most likely have to do with your time, than worry about managing your computer systems as well.  With Managed IT Services available, this helps to improve employee productivity at all times, day and night, due to the on-call access provided to you. Overnight services can be right at your fingertips, if an emergency occurs in the middle of the night. If the system crashes in the middle of the day? An employee’s computer is running too slowly to function at an appropriate speed? Do you have security concerns? All of these problems can be solved simply – Managed IT Services.

By being proactive in maintenance of all computers, programs and software, you never have to worry about the bigger problems; that are not only time consuming but can also be very costly. Creating a safe environment also protects potential consumers’ information and data stored within your systems from getting lost in the shuffle. Maintenance is not only important when a problem arises; it is important before the problem even exists.

By having Managed IT Services available, your company has an all-inclusive pass at any needs you may have at a fixed rate. This rate is the most cost-effective way to ensure a more productive work environment for your employees. Managed IT services assures a quick response time to keep your employees from an uninterrupted workday. It also prevents IT issues from interfering at inopportune times, such as during that big meeting you’ve been waiting for; or when it’s urgent you check an email.

Managed IT Services also gives you the most updated information on security threats and privacy concerns. When you run a business, big or small, it is important to protect your information as well as that of your consumers. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix; let a managed IT service ensure that everything is secure and unreachable to those who would be happy to have your information. A Managed IT Service can take the pressure off of you and give you more time to run your business successfully. By taking the stress of IT issues off of your shoulders, you can allow yourself and your employees to become more productive and less stressed.

The most important piece of your IT package is to ensure that your system and data are protected from every possible scenario. Whether protecting from natural disaster, hackers or theft, and even system failures, it is important to make sure that you’re most personal and critical information is always safe and secure with your Information Technologies team. It is important to understand the risks associated with the dangers of not having the proper security setup. This could include anything from loss of employee productivity, to a loss of very important data, meaning loss of important consumers or even loss of trust. This can also in bigger cases end in lawsuits and non-compliance issues within your company. You should always keep yourself, your employees and your consumers protected from any threats to security and data.

There are many different implementations to ensure your technological safety. Securing laptops is one of the best ways to make sure that this is done. By putting a customized plan into place for securing e-mails, data, forms, and other information stored on separate user laptops can solve the threat of being hacked on a mobile user device, such as your laptop. Also, it is important to protect emails, and have them archived as well(in case you delete that one e-mail that you find out later had useful information). By protecting your entire email system, this can solve any later problems with spam and hackers, and stop them before they even reach the infrastructure, making certain your information is protected. By archiving emails, you now have the ability to pull any emails from any user out for compliance reviews or retrieving valuable data.

By Web Filtering and having a Managed Firewall, this can also help to certify that you have the best protection possible. By filtering web access, this saves little room for accidental downloads of inappropriate or malicious materials. A managed firewall can also help with this, and further protects your company’s overall infrastructure. An Intrusion Protection System(IPS) can greatly magnify the positive effects of your Firewall. IPS requires installing hardware within your system but helps to ensure that you are protected.

When trying to run a successful business, no matter how big or small, it is important to verify that all of your computer programming parts are secure. From your data and reports, emails, and consumer and employee information; leaving yourself open can leave room for great expenses. Security is a cost-effective way to protect yourself from being blindsided by a lawsuit that you may have been able to prevent.

It is important to assure that you are protected in case of a natural disaster or a security glitch. By assuring that your data is backed up and recoverable, you can protect your company from lost, stolen or deleted information. What do you do when your entire computer system crashes? What happens when a hurricane destroys your computers and all of your technology, files, and systems? What do you do when your security is breached, and data is stolen or altered?

This is where you as a company should have a backup plan; an IT company in which all of your information is stored and can be easily recovered. This can help to improve workplace productivity in the case of an emergency, including system crashes or something more serious- like a natural disaster. When a natural disaster hits, is the first thing you want to think about your files at the office? I assure you, your family’s, and employees’ health will be at the top of the list. Instead of stressing over what you are going to worry about, give this issue to an IT company, who can have recoverable data available to you at your earliest convenience.

While there are two types of backing up your data, you can have both available to you at one cost. Say for instance your server crashes. You need your data back, and with you and your employees sitting around waiting on it you are losing employee productivity while waiting on your IT specialists to get your information that is already yours. However, if your system is already backed up, recovery can be as simple as your IT specialists sending the information within minutes. Another way is to have your IT specialists keep your information stored in a separate, safe and secure area. This protects your information from being lost on both ends and gives your business a better chance of thriving. Being able to recover this information gives you the power over circumstances that may be out of your control, and also gives you the stress free ability to focus on other parts of your business that need your attention.

By being able to easily recover all of your stored data, emails, and information; this can assure the least amount of damage possible in case disaster strikes, in any face. With today’s modern society, having a proper backup and recovery system is almost always necessary for safety and confidentiality.

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