Technology Infrastructure Services

Your infrastructure is the foundation of the businesses IT system. An unstable system foundation will mean everything built upon it will inherit that same instability. In the 2019 article, “Quantifying the Staggering Cost of IT Outages”, by Priceonomics Data Studio, it was stated that “In 2016, every single minute of server downtime cost nearly nine thousand dollars. Put differently, an hour of downtime costs over half a million dollars.” Having your network and server infrastructure designed, implemented, and periodically updated to support your constantly changing business needs is one of the keys to success.

Technology Project Management

Professional leadership of your technology project from start to finish. We develop and maintain project documentation, create and execute project plans, manage day-to-day project tasks and scope; review, track, and report status of project deliverables.

Infrastructure Design and Engineering

Utilize our Design & Engineering services to plan and implement local and wide-area networks (LAN/WAN), wireless solutions, and other data communications systems. Take advantage of our expertise to research new products and best practices, and develop recommendations for infrastructure improvements and upgrades to reduce downtime and improve performance and availability.

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