Understanding The “Cloud”

What is the Cloud? This is a technology that has greatly influenced today’s modern society. The cloud provides services that creates a highly functional workplace by allowing documents to be shared easily, at the push of a button. This is a user-friendly system in which is easy for almost any operator to use.  The Cloud is a technology that allows services to be available to all users on demand, generally over the Internet, instead of only at an ‘on site’ location, or within the workplace. This provides easy access to all users no matter his or her geographical location. It is designed to provide an easy access to applications, services and resources, and is fully managed by your cloud service provider.

Why Cloud? Cloud computing offers a brilliant, built in protection system that generally has a built-in backup and recovery system. The cloud purchaser should rarely have to spend out of pocket funds for a secondary backup and recovery system. Global access from anywhere in the world is available to users; have a work meeting in a separate country? No problem, the Cloud system follows you and can be accessed wherever you or your employees are. Users have easy access from their desk to any other office space, state or even country for easy use by your employees. The cost! The cloud software helps to reduce the ‘surprise’ effect of what you as a consumer will end up paying for your product. The monthly user fee is affordable and based on the amount of usage accrued through the month.  Updated software availability is generally available at no cost, meaning you get upgrades for free! Lastly, since the cloud requires no hardware or software, the ability to get your program up and running most generally takes a few days compared to a few weeks or months. This means your company will have an up and running program for on the go in little to no time at all!

You chose how you prefer your cloud. Do you want it private or shared? A private version can provide each user with their own individual use of the cloud, while shared leaves room for documents to be shared and each user to easily access one another’s work. Cloud backup is always available with duplicate copies of your data always available if something were to happen. This replicated data is always private and secure. Cloud technologies can be fit specifically to your company’s specific needs, no matter big or small. Whether you need high security or minimal, your information will always be protected and easily accessible to you and other users. Users also have the ability to customize their ‘cloud’ in any way he or she prefers. If you prefer not to use the cloud, ask about other options that may be available to suit your needs.

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